9anime official site used to be one of those websites where you can watch your favorite animes. However, the 9anime site disappeared from Google Search, and a lot of anime lovers are questioning why it vanished. So, this article is for anime and anime lovers who love to watch anime on the 9anime website. Watch9anime is one of the most popular websites where you can watch your favorite anime moves.

What is 9anime?

It is a streaming website where you can watch your favorite anime online in high-quality resolution. The anime available on this website is dubbed in English and you do not have to pay anything to watch content online on this site. In simple words, it is a pirate website on anime shows and movies. 9anime Reddit is the official subreddit of 9anime, and you can also follow 9anime Twitter to receive the latest updates.

9anime app:

An apk version of the 9anime app is also available which you can download from Google Search. You can watch your favorite anime movies online via this application. This app provides easy access to anime shows and you can watch them anywhere anytime with this application.
However, you may also note that the application does not store any files on 9anime servers. All the content available on the 9anime app is provided by non-affiliated 3rd parties. It is a free entertainment app and requires Android version 4.2 or more to run smoothly on a smartphone.

Which 9anime is real?

According to 9anime twitter, its official Twitter account, the .xyz, .vip, or .cool, are fake sites, and they are trying to steal their brand. Users are advised not to use these sources. If you want to use to access your favorite anime shows via the real website of 9anime, you can verify the real site in the official subreddit of 9anime. 9anime.to is the official and real website of 9anime where you can watch high quality anime dubbed in English for free.
Is 9anime a legal streaming site?
Unfortunately, it is not a proper legal website, and the shows features on this website are not licensed to be hosted via 9anime’s interface. This indicates that original content providers are not receiving money via 9anime. The disclaimer itself states that files are saved off-site and third parties provide the content.
Nonetheless, it is illegal for the owner of the service to run this website. In a lot of countries, it is considered illegal to distribute content without getting permission for the owners of the content.
Is it safe for users?
You might be thinking if this site is illegal for service owners to run, is it safe for users? The website is entirely safe for users to use and watch anime online. The site is intended as an anime streaming source, not a scam. However, the biggest problem while browsing are some troublesome ads.

How to access 9anime?

It has been seen that 9anime continuously changes website, and we can clearly tell where you can access it. According to latest tweets by 9anime twitter, 9anime.to is the real site for accessing 9anime. You can always read them on Twitter and get latest updates about them.